Did you know that chicken was one of the first domesticated animals in the world? It is also the most popular of the species that fall under the poultry family. The reason why chicken is extremely popular in many cultures and countries around the world is because of the ease of raising them, plus due to the fact that there is very little waste when it comes to using chicken as a food source.

As for the edible parts of the chicken, the most common parts are the breast, leg, and wing. Other parts of the chicken is eaten in some cultures and can include- feet, giblets, head, kidneys, neck, oysters, pygostyle, blood, carcass, eggs, heart, gizzard, liver, and schmaltz.

As for cooking chicken, there are many different ways you can cook a chicken, and within these pages you will find chicken recipes from many different cultures around the world. So stop by for a visit, and check out some of the tantalizing and tasty chicken recipes that you will find within.