Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs for Easter Time


More and more people buy their children a wad of chocolate and hide then around the house for Easter time. Many also make Easter Bunny cakes to display on their dining tables. For those of you who are looking for something different this year, that is elegant and easy to make, should try these chocolate cheesecake eggs.

These are rather easy to make and only take a few ingredients. You could use white or dark chocolate for the outer part of the egg, and although this recipe calls for cheesecake filling, you could easily alternate this with marshmallow filling. No matter what type of filling you choose to use, you can be sure that your children or guests will simply love these amazing Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs at Easter time.

Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs for Easter

Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs- FFR

Here are the directions for making these Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs

1. Gently crack a hole in egg and shake out insides.
2. Rinse out hollow egg with soap and water.
3. Wait for them to dry completely.
4. Coat the inside of the dry egg shell with melted chocolate.

5. Roll the egg around to ensure that the inside of the egg is thoroughly coated.
6. Break off some of the top of the egg, to fill it easier.
7. Let the chocolate harden. Then fill layer with cheesecake, pie filling, and then a thin layer of chocolate to cover.
8. Allow this to cool completely. Then pick off the rest of the egg shell. Drizzle some melted chocolate over the cheesecake filling.
9. Break it open and enjoy.

You could also get the idea of how to make them from these visual instructions.

Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs-How to

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