Soap Versus Shower Gel: The Pros and Cons


Soap Versus Shower Gel: The Pros and Cons

The preferences when it comes to bar soap versus shower gel has been around for many years now. Some people are dead set on using soap while others prefer shower gel. Here are the pros and cons of soap versus shower gel.

Soap Versus Gel:Pros and Cons

Bar Soap

• Bar soap contains glycerin, which is great for those with skin conditions like eczema.
• Bar soap lasts longer than shower gel since there is no way you can waste it by squeezing too           much.
• Bar soap costs less than shower gel does, saving you money.
• Bar soaps feature high levels of pH level when compared to liquid soap. It is for this reason that some of the bar soaps on the market can dry out your skin.
• Bar soaps can spread bacteria, according to some people. When people in the same household share the same bar of soap, bacteria transfers from one person to another.
• Even if you have a soap holder in your shower area, bar soap seems to make a mess, leaving slime on the soap holder.

Shower Gel

• Shower gels many times come in gift sets that are attractive, scented and colorful.
• Shower gel gives you a nice thick lather, which you don’t get with soap.
• With shower gel, you can moisturize your skin instead of drying it out like soap does.
• Numerous people have complained that the thin plastic containers that shower gel comes in, can easily break, resulting in the shower gel leaking.
• Shower gel comes in packaging that is not considered eco-friendly, as  compared to the cardboard packaging of bar soap, which is eco- friendly.
• With bar soap, you can use the exact amount you need, but sometimes that is not so easy with shower gel. You may end up squeezing out too little or too much, in turn wasting some of the            shower gel.

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